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Certificates required at the time of admission

  • Certificate of the lower examination passed, Original Certificate/D.M.C. of 10+2 is must.
  • Character Certificate from the head of institution last attended (Original)
  • Matric Certificate as proof of Date of Birth.
  • Migration Certificate to be produced in case of student coming from University or Board other than Guru
  • Nanak Dev University/Punjab School Education Board & Eligibility Certificate issued by Guru Nanak Dev University.
  • .Certificate regarding Backward Class or Schedule Caste, Handicapped or any other Category if applicable.
  • Blood Group Certificate

Important Instructions for students

  • Students having compartment shall not be admitted in Graduate (except BA) and Post-Graduate Classes as per University Rules.
  • Admission to the courses having fixed seats will be held on the basis of merit/Test.
  • Migration is not allowed for professional courses having fixed seats.
  • Rights regarding Migration are reserved with the Principal.
  • Personal presence is compulsory at the time of admission.
  • Admission will be cancelled & the fee deposited will not be refunded in case of any wrong/false information provided by the candidate.
  • It is obligatory for all students to obey college rules & regulations.
  • All students must keep their identity cards with them and present them for inspection when requested to do so by a teacher or competent college authority.
  • The right to admission is reserved with the Principal.
  • The Principal can refuse admission to any student & his or her admission can be cancelled without assigning any reason.
  • The fee will not be refunded in case the University or the concerned Institution cancels the student's admission or the college, after investigation, finds a candidate guilty of some serious lapse.
  • Eligibility Certificate from Guru Nanak Dev University will have to be produced by those students who have passed their lower examination from a University or Board outside the Punjab.
  • Admission will be cancelled in case the fee is not deposited on time or by the date fixed.
  • Information & rules and regulations given in this Prospectus can be changed from time to time.
  • The candidate will not be allowed to sit in the Annual Examination in case his/her lectures are short or he/she does not get the required pass percentage in the House Test.
  • Political Activities of any kind are prohibited in the college.

Care of Property

  • Students of Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa College, Sarhali should look upon college property, building, laboratories, buses, apparatus and class rooms as their special pride and refrain from any action that would disfigure or damage them. Offenders in this regard shall be severely dealt with by the college authorities.
  • Students who inadvertently cause any damage to college property are expected to report to the Principal immediately as to what has happened. This practice in honesty will stand them in good stead in their later life.
  • Students should scrupulously respect the belongings of their fellow students. If they discover any lost or forgotten articles, they should deliver them immediately to the college office. The office will put up a notice regarding all lost articles instructing the owner to collect it as soon as possible. Students who are found in unlawful possession of another student's property are liable to expulsion from the college.


  • Each and every student must obey the rules set by the College.
  • In the event of indiscipline or misbehaviour, a candidate shall be heavily penalized or can be expelled from the College.
  • A Committee of Teachers regularly supervises discipline matters in the college.
  • The discipline committee after investigating a case of indiscipline or misbehaviour shall penalize the student concerned.
  • Wearing gaudy or gorgeous or improper dress is not allowed in the college.
  • Boys are not allowed to wear chains, lockets & earrings etc.
  • Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in class rooms and in the internal campus of the college.

Eligibility for University Examination:
A regular student must fulfill the following conditions:

  • He must attend not less than 75% of the full course of the lectures delivered to his class in each of the subjects offered and 75% of the periods assigned to practical work in each science subject and subjects having practical.
  • He must bear good moral character and his work must be satisfactory.
  • He must obtain atleast:
    a)   35% marks in each individual subject or 25% marks in aggregate of all the subjects in the house examination.


    b)    30% marks in aggregate in all the subjects in the special house examination which the principal of the college may hold at his discretion.


  • All important notices are read out in the classes from time to time and they are put on the Notice Boards also.
  • It is the responsibility of the students to read and follow these notices displayed on the Notice Boards.
  • Ignorance or lack of any information will not be accepted or tolerated as a plea in any case.
  • It is imperative as well as the moral duty of the parents to keep in touch with the college authorities regarding the academic progress of their wards.
  • The college shall not be held responsible for the theft of vehicle of any student.
  • Punjabi is the medium for communication in the campus.
  • Educational Tours are arranged in September and December Vacations.
  • Seminars, Workshops are arranged in Nov. or Jan. in the Academic Session.

Information regarding student's Attendance and House Test results is periodically sent to the parents.

Fee shall be deposited in THREE installments.

  • First Installment at the time of Admission.
  • Second Installment in November alongwith the University Examination fee.
  • Third installment in February.
  • Annual Bus Fare shall have to be deposited in one installment at the time of Admission.


  • Prescribed Forms for fee concession are available in the office of the college. Applications for fee concession must be endorsed by the father or guardian of the candidate.
  • Income Certificate from a competent authority is compulsory.
  • Assistance is given to the needy and the intelligent students from the Student Welfare Fund.
  • Fee concession is not a legal right but only a relief or concession to the needy/deserving students according to the rules.
  • The concession is granted on the recommendation of senior lecturers of Student Welfare Committee.
  • Special concession will be given to the Baptized Sikh Students.
  • Concessions will be given to the meritorious students and the players.


  • Govt. of India's Scholarship Scheme for Schedule Caste.
    Scholarship will be admissible to the students of schedule castes who are permanent residents of the Punjab. However, their total annual family income from all sources should not exceed Rs. 33,400/-
  • State Harizan Welfare Scheme
    This scholarship is admissible to the students of backward classes who are permanent residents of Punjab, but their total annual family income should not exceed Rs. 24,000/-. Schedule Caste students with total family income not exceeding Rs. 33,400/- are also eligible for scholarship under this scheme.
  • Post Matric Scholarship Scheme for SC students through welfare department of Punjab Govt.


  • Sant Baba Tara Singh Memorial Gold Medal are given to the student of the Graduate/Post Graduate and the Diploma Courses students who obtains 75% or more marks in final examination & stand first in their class. The first runner up will get Sant Baba Charan Singh Ji Memorial Silver Medal.


  • The student guilty of indiscipline or misbehavior will be divested of his/her concessions & Prizes. These concessions & prizes will then be given to the next eligible student.
  • Any student indulging in bad activities or violating college rules will be rusticated from the college forthwith.


  • Fine shall be imposed for remaining absent from the class @Rs. 1/- per period.
  • Special fine shall be imposed for missing Seminar/Guest Lectures/Class Tests.
  • Those who miss the classes for the whole day will be fined Rs. 3/- per day.
  • Books are to be returned within a fortnight from the date of issue. A late fee of Rs. 1/- shall be charged per day for each book retained beyond the prescribed time.


  • Application for leave should also be signed by father/mother or guardian of the student.
  • Leave up to 3 days can be granted by the college co-ordinator and beyond that it be will be granted by the Principal only.
  • Indefinite leave can not be granted.
  • Sick Leave should be supported with a certificate by a registered medical practioner.
  • In case of accident or sickness, the application for leave should be forwarded to the Principal as early as possible.
  • Leave for a part of a day can be granted by the teacher concerned.
  • Student remaining continuously absent for more than 14 days will be struck off the rolls.
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