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A good library of a college is always its pride and centre of attraction. Our college library has recently been expanded to accommodate more books and more students. The library has nearly 16,520 books on various subjects including many reference and general books. There is a separate seating arrangement for boys and girls. Photostat facility is also available in the library. The computerization of the library is underway. In order to keep our faculty members, students and research scholars of post-graduate courses informed about the latest developments in their respective subjects, the library subscribes to various journals and magazines besides many newspapers. Some of the magazines and journals on our subscription list are:

Competition Success Review, Competition Master, Women’s Era, Chronicle, India Today, Sport Star, Spokesman (Punjabi), Kaumantri Pradesi Rasala (Punjabi), Mulajim Lehar, Dharti Da Suraj, The Sikh review, Khalsa Fatehnama (Punjabi), Yojna (Hindi), Iravati (Hindi), Mangal Prabhat (Hindi), Vivran Patrika (Hindi), Education  World, Universal Education, Femina, Greh Shoba (Hindi), Abstract of Sikh Study, Khalsa Advocate (Punjabi), Employment News.

Capital Market, RBI Bulletin, Indian Journal of Commerce, The Chartered Accountant, Economical & Political Weekly, Chartered Financial Analyst, Executive Chartered Secretary, Vikalpa, Indian Journal of Marketing, The Management Accountant, SEBI and Corporate Laws, Taxman’s The Law Weekly, Taxman’s Chartered Accountant Today, The Accounting World, Marketing Master Mind, RBI Weekly, Digit, Linux for You, Information Technology, Electronic for You, International Journal of Systematic, Cybernetics and Informatics, Journal of the Institution of Engineering, The Mathematics Education, Indian Journal of pure and Applied Mathematics, Reflections des ERA, Sirjana, Muhandra, Parvachan, Shabad, Sumkali Sahit, Lakir, Hun, Shila Lekh, Akkhar.

Britannica: Ready reference Encyclopedias, Encyclopedia of Science, Society & Technology, Encyclopedia of Indian Biography, Encyclopedia of World Biography, I.T Encyclopedia, Illustrated World War II, Encyclopedia of English Literature, A-Z Illustrated Encyclopedia of Mathematics, Encyclopedia Indica, Encyclopedia of the World Scientist, Great Books of the Western World, Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics, Britannic Learning Library, 100 Most Beautiful Museums of  the World, Cathedral Wonders.

The college is proud of its beautiful, big & computerized library. It has important text books on all subjects & subscribes to literary magazines, magazines on current affairs & newspapers etc. Recently the College has purchased latest encyclopedias to enrich our Library. We feel proud that our college library has almost all the rare books on all the subjects. A Committee has also been formed to supervise the functioning of the library. The library rules are briefly given below:-

1. The following books shall not be issued to the students:
a) Reference Books
b) Newspapers & Magazines
c) Books Reserved Specially
2. Only two books can be issued to a student at a time and for 15 days only.
3. Keeping books for more than 15 days entails a fine of Rs. 1/- per day per volume.
4. The Librarian can recall a book from a student at any time.
5. Separate reading facilities have been provided to boys & girls in the library.
6. If a book is damaged or lost by a student, he or she will have to pay twice the price of the book. If the book is part of a set of volumes & is not available separately, the price of the whole set will have to be paid.
7. No book shall be issued without Identity card.
8. Library books, magazines etc. should not be marked or torn in any way.
9. Necessary rules regarding the library are given in the identity card.
10. Besides the library separate News paper reading facilities is available for boys and girls.

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